Masters thesis, 2022
CCC - Visual Arts, HEAD Geneva

Supervised by Gene Ray

My masters thesis about sugar and sweetness weaves a thread between land grabs for contemporary sugar cane production in Cambodia and Brazil (for sugar and bioethanol respectively) that are greenwashed by sustainability certification company Bonsucro.

Zooming out from these specific cases to understand how they are entangled in a profit-driven system led by agro- and petrochemical industries, it exposes mechanisms of capitalist commodification such as the financialisation of food and land.

Interspersed with poetic texts and fictional scenarios reflect on my own position in the macropolitics of food, I conclude with a wariness of green ‘solutions’ that do not question the colonial roots of the climate crisis, which are therefore much more likely to be vaunted and instrumentalised in a turn towards ecofascism.