gustative performance, 2021

The Baker and the Baroness is a gustative performance which tells the tale of the Baker from SAD BREAD (2021), as introduced to us by his new employer - the Baroness. The audience is invited to dine with her at a feast in which each course consists of progressively larger cakes. The Baker is by now a sugar addict who sees no meaning in his life that consists entirely of making sweets for the Baroness. Suicidal but unable to act, he procrastinates by hiding notes in the cakes that he bakes for the Baroness and her guests. During this performance, the Baroness reads out suicide note #32 aloud to her guests, in which the Baker recounts how he acquired taste and how taste now holds him hostage.

Collaborators: Gabriel Shields-Hanau, Josephine Devaud, Daniela Gutierrez-Gonzalez Photos: Fig Docher