Self published microedition 2021 - 15 copies
republished by Escalier 2022 - 30 copies
Dramatic reading and lecture (20 min)

This is the tiny tale of the Baker who makes Sad Bread. His story starts when he is sprayed with tear gas and from then on cannot stop crying. He starts working with a popular movement for whom he bakes their sustanance of resistance. The bread he bakes is salted by his tears, and is used to pass hidden messages hidden the buns that feed the Resistance. He must eventually return to his native island, where his bread becomes a commercial tourist attraction. His quest for meaning is put on hold until ask he receives an anonymous message that is also addressed to the readers: Who are you feeding? What are you feeding them?

The dramatic reading of this short story was followed by a mini-conference on the different roles in society that together make up an 'alphabet soup'.