(OSLO 2016)

I was invited by Sofie Amalie Anderson to intervene in her work, Lunchbox, where she served lunch in a white cube featuring a different performance every lunch hour, over a week. On the way there I encountered a homeless man whom I walked passed before I decided to invite him to the free lunch. There was a moment of hesitation while I questioned my motives for offering him food- was it because I thought it might create an interesting social situation in the lunchroom? Since that was morally unacceptable to me, as it would be tantamount to displaying him as a circus animal, was it then immoral of me to deny him the opportunity of a warm meal because of my own initial selfish incentive? I turned back and accompanied him to the thankfully empty white cube where he ate and left before any other visitors arrived. Using the ethical dilemma in this encounter as a starting point for discussion, I initiated several conversations with groups of participants while using the vegetable stew as paint, throwing and smearing it on the floor to illustrate our conversation. This polaroid is the only physical trace which remains of the work.