Phoebe-Lin Elnan is a Norwegian-Singaporean artist born in 1993. She studied Medium and Material-based Art at the Oslo National Academy of Art (2014-2017), one year of which was spent at École Nationale Superieure de Arts Paris-Cergy (2015-2016). She has previously completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at the University of the Arts London (WCA) (2012-2013).She currently lives and works in Paris.

Art should always give the viewer something, be it cause for reflection or a bodily experience. I think of my work as a gift and try to be generous and sincere with what I share because much like theatre, my work is incomplete without an audience to experience it.

While studying in London I watched a range of theatre, most memorable of which was of the ‘immersive’ variety. My body became part of the scenes I was watching. It wore a costume, wandered around, touched props and people. Grounded in their tangibility, these sets allowed me a reflective sort of escapism that I would later experience in art too. The feeling was not of reality. It was all expensive artifice, yet it made a lasting impression that shaped two recurring aspects of my work - attention to the overall sensory landscape and the desire to invite interaction between audience and artwork.

Having grown up in both Norway and Singapore, I always questioned and compared their different cultural practices, attitudes and aesthetics because I feel equally local and foreign in my home countries. In this limbo exists a nostalgic fantasy of food, family and foliage that serves as my inspiration, while deeper questions of racial, national and cultural identity bubble in the background as power structures to mimic or subvert.