performance (13 min) and installation, 2023, at Gulp an exhibition curated by Clara Chavan and Katia Leonelli at La Rada, Locarno. 
Help Yourself is a performance that features a hungry character pedalling through a rhythmic training program. Guided by the music and an automated voice, the character cycles while repeating affirmations that mix maxims of self help and motivational slogans, eyes fixed all the while on a slice of cake suspended in front of them. A crescendo, the character is told to reach for their goals and duly attempts to grab the cake. They pull on it and release a flurry of cash that they dive to devour. The performance ends with the character panting on the floor after having gorged themselves on money.

Sound design: Louis Dambrain
Cake engineering: Fig Docher
Outside eyes: Jonas Van, Gemma Ushengewe, Orfeo Aurora Lili, Basile Collet, Fig Docher, Louis Dambrain
Photos: Riccardo Giancola