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video installation, 2022
13 min

Breaking News is a video based on an investigation into greenwashed contemporary land grabbing for sugar and bioethanol production in Cambodia and Brazil. It investigates how the links between agro- and petrochemical industries are sustained by an internalised belief in a nature-society divide and an adherence to the fictive value of money. Situated at the intersection between social and environmental justice, the economic and juridic aspects of commodification and desire-making are seen and unseen from a decolonial perspective through the transmutability of Green.

Collaborators: Gabriel Shields-Hanau, Sawsane Hema, Gemma Ushengewe, Fig Docher, Louis Dambrain, RuYun Xiao, Mikhail Rokhjov


performative reading, 2022

A 20 minute dramatic reading of work-in-progress screenplay WE <3 GREEN. The script weaves in numerous characters each engaing in some way with Product X, in its financing, production, marketing or consumption. The greenwashing of Product X is rendered visible by green glasses that the characters put on in order to see only what they want to see, or ignore that which they don’t want to know. The script is rooted in an investigation of sugar and the ways in which the making of taste is based on opposition to a certain class and/or race, exploitative production chains and unequal distribution (of wealth, power, food) - simultaneously camouflaged and fuelled by sweetness.
Collaborator: Gabriel Shields-Hanau


gustative performance, 2021

The Baker and the Baroness is a gustative performance which tells the tale of the Baker from SAD BREAD (2021), as introduced to us by his new employer - the Baroness. The audience is invited to dine with her at a feast in which each course consists of progressively larger cakes. The Baker, now a sugar addict who sees no meaning in his life that consists entirely of making sweets for the Baroness. Suicidal but unable to act, he procrastinates by hiding notes in the cakes that he bakes for the Baroness and her guests. During this performance, the Baroness reads out suicide note #32 aloud to her guests, in which the Baker recounts how he acquired taste and how taste now holds him hostage.

Collaborators: Fig Docher, Gabriel Shields-Hanau, Josephine Devaud, Daniela Gutierrez-Gonzalez


publication and reading, 2021

This is the tiny tale of the Baker who makes Sad Bread. His story starts when he is sprayed with tear gas and from then on cannot stop crying. He starts working with a popular movement for whom he bakes their sustanance of resistance. The bread he bakes is salted by his tears, and is used to pass hidden messages hidden the buns that feed the Resistance. He must eventually return to his native island, where his bread becomes a commercial tourist attraction. His quest for meaning is put on hold until ask he receives an anonymous message that is also addressed to the readers: Who are you feeding? What are you feeding them?

The dramatic reading of this short story was followed by a mini-conference on the different roles in society that together make up an 'alphabet soup'.